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The Town of Celebration was designed with the value of family and community. It was become increasingly popular since its first development in 1996, and since then, it has been one of the friendliest places. The town was designed in the early 1900’s by the Disney Development Company who founded The Celebration Company. They developed a world-renowned team of city and social planners with some of the best architects of their time to put Celebration into action. The Celebration Company has designed a beautiful community with a small-town feel anyone would love to call home.


Driving home in the hustle and bustle of the tourist filled streets is just part of living in Orlando, but if you live in Celebration you know what a relief it is when you finally make that turn into town. A feeling of calm and serenity comes over like a wave. In Celebration the streets are clean, minimal traffic, the neighborhoods are well kept, quiet and safe. All the homes are stunning whether it is a condo, town home, or single-family home, the architectural designs are modern, yet has mainstay traditional styles, keeping that small town feel we all love. The prices for these lovely homes have a wide range, starting around the low-mid $200Ks to well over a few million if you drive over to the East Lawn. Celebration has become a prime location for families who want the convenience of having a hospital, schools, churches, grocery stores, prime restaurants, and boutiques all within a 10-minute drive within the town.


Celebration is divided into 10 major areas, all branching off Main Village, the heart of the town. Main Village has a great golf course, middle/elementary school, and a few shops and restaurants to enjoy with your family. You will find community pools, parks, and beautiful nature trails throughout all of Celebration’s neighborhoods; you can even enjoy some wildlife as you walk on through. It is a great site to see.


The Town of Celebration is growing. Island Village at Celebration will be the final development ever built here.


Scroll down to read more about Island Village at Celebration!


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Island Village at Celebration

Island Village at Celebration will be the final development ever built! This community will feature more than 1,000 homes, all on the doorstep of Walt Disney World. Gathering spaces, trails, fine retail shops, recreational centers will be only some of the amazing features that will become the Island Village. 

Mattamy Homes is excited to offer this growth for our town. 


If you are interested in previewing any homes in person at Island Village of Celebration, contact me to coordinate a tour. I have worked with many builders in the past and I can assure you that I will have 100% your best interest when purchasing a home here in Celebration.



1500 - 3250 SQ FT

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