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For those who are ready to settle down in a quiet, beautiful, and charming place to live, there is nowhere else to be outside of Windermere, FL. Founded in 1880 this small town provides all the scenery, safety, and luxury a buyer could be seeking. From lake front living along the beautiful Butler Chain of Lakes to a starter home located on one of the old roads covered in Windermere’s famous old trees, there is a house for every buyer and budget. This little town has gotten quite the affluent make over in the last 25 years and is known to now contain some of the most desirable real estate in Florida.

Spanning just 1.57 square miles with only 2,580 residents, Windermere has the small town feel so many people desire. The estimated median household income is around $109,000, a significant increase from 2000, when the number was $88,000. As local businesses continue to thrive and grow, Windermere homes are not staying on the market very long. With the average home value increasing some 42% in the last decade, buyers can be confident their home will be more than just a great place to live; it will be a solid investment for the future. With homes ranging from the low $300Ks to $5 million or more there is a house for any taste, size, and budget. Windermere is divided into three areas, each with their own character and charm. From downtown Windermere, to the golf communities of Keene’s Pointe and Isleworth, and even the community style based Berkshire Park and Summerport, there are plenty of areas for a buyer to find their perfect home.

Location is everything when choosing a new town to move to and Windermere is no exception. Windermere is conveniently located 15 minutes away from Disney World and the bustling city of Orlando. It’s always an easy, quick commute to work because the convenience of Windermere’s location. Living so close to all these popular attraction means Windermere residents always have something at their fingertips to do and see. Multiple theme parks, nightlife, recreation, and entertainment are all a short drive away but when the day is over they can easily return to the quiet relaxation of their Windermere home.


Why Consider Buying a Home in Windermere, FL?

Many of Windermere’s residents choose Windermere for one thing: Lake Living. With 11 connected lakes provided on the Butler Chain many residents spend their evenings and weekends boating, fishing, exploring the waterways and relaxing along these lake's crystal clear water. Don’t think lake living is in your budget but owning a boat to take out is? No problem! The City of Windermere has 2 free boat ramps for boat access year-round. With so many lakes, communities, and homes located along these perfect shorelines we guarantee you can find your own piece of waterfront paradise in no time!

Six Star Realty Group can help you find the most ideal Windermere home within our portfolio of homes. With agents, always available at your fingertips, we guarantee you will find the home of your dreams in just a short amount of time. Call today to speak to an agent and start the search for your perfect home in Windermere, Florida! 


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