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How can I stay safe during COVID-19 & Halloween?

TRICK OR TREAT - As Halloween approaches and you’ve finally made your decision on your D.I.Y. Pinterest costumes for the family, I’m sure by now have been hit with the question that has crossed many minds this year - what does Halloween look like for us in 2020? Will there be spooky haunted houses? Will there be door to door trick-or-treating? Can you even imagine a treat-less Halloween?! Well, let’s calm down and stick with me because Pilar Fernandez, your favorite local realtor, is here to guide you through a fun-filled, but more importantly, COVID-free Halloween!

One thing remains the same and that is continuing everything we have done to stay safe until now: keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others, avoid large gatherings, wear your face masks (this might be the best year for masked, superhero costumes!), avoid touching your eyes or mouth in public places and wash your hands frequently.

The safest way to celebrate Halloween this year (although not as exciting) might be by choosing to just stay home. BUT… have fun with it! All things virtual seem to be a trend during this pandemic. Plan a virtual costume party with your friends and family or for your kids and their friends, where they can show off their costumes, have best-dressed contests, jump around in a living room dance party and play games. You can also plan a spooky movie night filled with lots of treats (purchased not collected), bake and decorate sweets or there’s always the much loved Halloween tradition of course, pumpkin carving!

If you absolutely must leave the house, look for safe community events happening in your area. But, avoid indoor events, such as haunted houses. There are many drive-thru or contactless haunted events to choose from this year. Things like corn mazes and pumpkin patches might be a safer option as well (as long as they are not over-crowded). Take hand sanitizer to use when you’ve touched objects or surfaces that others have touched before you.

An idea for children whose Halloween might be ruined by the absence of trick-or-treating (or in this case a grown Realtor who loves her Hershey bars), you can plan an in-home trick-or-treating scavenger hunt! Candy collecting at the door of every room of the house is also a fun way to bring a long-time tradition to life in a different way.

During this pandemic, Halloween will be a time to get creative and who knows, you might even come up with a new tradition that your family enjoyed so much, that it will live on, even after this is all over. It is a great time to teach your kids that a flexible and positive attitude goes a long way. If you do all things with excitement and love, you will be sure to have an amazing Halloween day, no matter where you do it!

Happy Halloween to all!

Your Spooky Realtor,

👻Pilar Fernandez, Realtor®

Owner, Licensed Real Estate Broker

🏡 Six Star Realty Group

☎️ 407-777-7006 (call or text)


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